Expanding Housing Choices – TPNA Updates

Over the past few months, many Trinity Park residents learned of the Expanding Housing Choices initiative, an effort to address affordable housing and increase housing supply by creating additional housing opportunities in the high demand neighborhoods around Downtown Durham. The project is led by the City-County Planning Department under a directive from the Mayor and City Council who have identified affordable housing as a priority issue for the city.

The following is a timeline of recent efforts by TPNA and Trinity Park neighbors to learn more about the initiative and stay involved in the process.

August – City Council is expected to take up the issue of the EHC proposal.

June 11 – Next Planning Commission meeting.

May 14 – The Planning Commission voted to continue the hearing on EHC for another cycle until the Planning Commission’s June 11 meeting. In the interval, the chair and co-chair will set up a committee of Commissioners, no more than five members, whose task would be to bring the larger body (at that June meeting) a proposed statement of advice to the City Council and County Commissioners on the EHC zoning text changes.  At a minimum, that advice would address concerns regarding process as well as individual items (product) within the EHC.

March 12 – The Planning Commission voted to delay a decision on EHC for two months to allow more time for discussions with the public.

Feb. 20, 2019

  • On February 20, 2019, the following letter was sent to Patrick Young, Director of the City-County Planning Department based on the feedback and suggestions collected from the Trinity Park resident survey: VIEW THE LETTER

Feb. 19, 2019 – TPNA board and Urban Planning Subcommittee meet to review survey results.

Feb. 11-16, 2019– TPNA Urban Planning Subcommittee conducts online survey (paper and listserv notices directing TP residents to www.trinitypark.org)

Trinity Park neighbors,

In response to the numbers of people moving to Durham, the City of Durham is proposing significant changes to the rules regulating development and redevelopment of downtown Durham neighborhoods. This initiative, called “Expanding Housing Choices,” proposes changes to infill standards, accessory dwelling units, duplexes, lot dimensions and density, and small houses/small lots. If approved, these changes will impact our neighborhood.

The Trinity Park Neighborhood Association (TPNA) Board has created an Urban Planning Committee (UPC) to examine this and to gather feedback so that TPNA can communicate with the Planning Department about concerns.

It is a large scale and complex proposal the City has been working for many months. It has only recently come to many neighbors’ attention, and is still under revision. The opportunity for community feedback ends on February 20th. Please complete this survey no later than noon on Saturday February 15th so we have time to compile the results.

For information from the Planning Department, search for “Expanding Housing Choices Durham NC”. The appropriate people to contact at the Planning Department are Michael Stock (Michael.Stock@DurhamNC.gov) and Scott Whiteman (Scott.Whiteman@DurhamNC.gov).

To complete the survey, go to https://bit.ly/2MYncgf.

Thank you for your participation,

Mimi Kessler (mimikessler1@gmail.com)

Stacy Murphy (stacy.b.murphy@gmail.com)

John Swansey (dontwave@yahoo.com)

Waugh Wright (waughwright@gmail.com)

On behalf of the TPNA Subcommittee

Feb. 14 – Requested 90-day delay is declined.

Feb. 13 – TPNA sends letter to request 90-day delay. VIEW THE LETTER

Feb. 6 – TPNA Monthly Meeting – EHC follow up conversation; after discussion with neighbors in attendance, board passes resolution to request 90-day delay, form Urban Planning Subcommittee and conduct neighborhood survey, and work with other neighborhood stakeholders.

Feb. 3 – Planning Department staff presents EHC initiative to Trinity Park Neighborhood, responds to feedback and questions.

On Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019, close to 100 Trinity Park neighbors met to hear the City-County Planning Department discuss the Expanding Housing Choices initiative.

Jan. 23 – TPNA Annual Meeting – EHC update sparks conversation. View Meeting Minutes