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Concerns with Crime in Trinity Park and Durham: A Series of Reports

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Improving Our Response to Gun Violence

By Karalyn Colopy At the July 5 TPNA Board meeting, we welcomed special guest Azmen Johnson of Prescriptions for Repair (P4R) — a pilot project to help improve the way Durham addresses gun violence.  Launched in October 2022, P4R is

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When to Call the Police

From Call 911:

  • Any fire emergency
  • Any immediate or potential threat to life or property
  • Any medical emergency
  • Any other actual or perceived emergency
  • Any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity
  • Any type of fight or disturbance
  • Any vehicle

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Reflections on the Citizen Observer Patrol with Jo Darby

By Karalyn Colopy Citizen Observer Patrol or COP is a national police program that uses a community-oriented strategy to improve neighborhood safety. In the early 2000s, the Durham Police Department (DPD) started a COP program here, training volunteers from various

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October is National Crime Prevention Month!  

Safety Tips from Partners Against Crime By Mimi Kessler Here are some tried-and-true tips for deterring theft and break-ins. These are frequently emphasized at the monthly meetings of PAC2 – Partners Against Crime District 2:

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Crime Update

By Karalyn Colopy The recent rash of home break-ins, car break-ins, and theft has left many in our community feeling rattled and uncertain, and some devastated.  We are sorry for all the loss, disruption, and frustration. Thanks to all who

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Trinity Park Foundation Update

By Shelley Dekker In August, the Foundation was thrilled to complete the restoration of the granite steps leading into The Trinity Park from W. Trinity Ave.  Thanks to Sundial Landscaping for the fine work and to the TPNA, a Duke

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Duke Durham Neighborhood Partnership Sets Priorities

Trinity Park Survey By Susan Jakes The Duke Durham Neighborhood Partnership (DDNP) is a group of representatives from 14 Durham neighborhoods – including Trinity Park – that border on Duke. The group is convened by Duke to build goodwill and

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Highlighting the Value of the TPNA on the 30th Anniversary of Renovating George Watts Elementary School

By Dale Pahl Thirty years ago, the Trinity Park Neighborhood Association (TPNA) completed a multi-year effort to rescue George Watts Elementary School from state policies and local recommendations that threatened its existence.  Completed in 1918, this school is Durham’s oldest

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Tráfico en las Calles Duke y Gregson

Por Mollie Flowe El Comité de Tránsito del vecindario, dirigido por Mollie Flowe y John Hodges-Copple, tiene la intención de pedirle a la Ciudad que se haga cargo de algunas de las calles peligrosamente rápidas y de dirección única, especialmente

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