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George Watts Gets Some Solar Wattage

By Thibault Worth This summer, you may have noticed a strange new object on the George Watts school playground: a pole-mounted array of solar panels. Visible from both Dacian Ave. and Urban Ave., the array will produce solar energy for

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Recycle or Landfill?

Sometimes rumors spread about recycling that can make you wonder if recycling actually “works.”  TP neighbor Matt Todd, Senior Consultant with Resource Recycling Systems (RRS,, has worked in recycling for 25+ years, and assures us that recycling is as

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Jerry and Neighborhood Hazardous Waste Pick-up

By Julia Borbely-Brown Several times in the past decades I have organized a hazardous waste collection morning to save you the time and effort of driving to Durham’s Solid Waste site on E. Club Blvd. On the morning of Saturday

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Wetlands on West Trinity Ave.

By Scott Doron In May (2022) I attended a public information event about the South Ellerbe Creek Restoration project at 808 W. Trinity Ave. I wanted to learn more about the kinds of plants, landscaping, and amenities that will eventually

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Some TLC for Ellerbe Creek 

In the coming year, Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association (ECWA) will be conducting a stream enhancement project at Pearl Mill Nature Preserve, along a 500-ft stretch of South Ellerbe Creek and the Strayhorn Branch, which flows into it.  These two streams

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Trinity Park Foundation: Help Maintain Our Trees!

By Shelley Dekker Do you love clean & cool air, birds, and beneficial insects? Help maintain our trees! We are fortunate to have a fairly healthy tree canopy in Trinity Park, but it takes ongoing effort to replace the many

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For the Birds

By Sarasvati Ishaya Last fall, TPNA invited a presentation from the New Hope Audubon Society about the “Leave Your Leaves” Campaign, advocating leaving fallen leaves in your yard as a way to reduce pollution from gas-fired blowers and to increase

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Update on South Ellerbe Creek Wetlands Restoration

By Scott Doron Neighbors have noticed stirrings at the South Ellerbe Restoration construction site at 808 W. Trinity Ave. If you are new to the neighborhood, you have probably only seen vacant land at 808 W. Trinity Ave. across from

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Leave Your Leaves!

At the November TPNA Board meeting, guest speakers Ellen Reckhow, former County Commissioner, and Chay’La Hart, NCCU Senior and outreach intern with New Hope Audubon Society, educated us about the “Leave Your Leaves” initiative, describing the enormous environmental and economic

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Neighborhood Improvements: Rain Gardens, Artwork, and Ellerbe Creek Cultural Signage

Thanks to Duke’s Doing Good In the Neighborhood grant program, Trinity Park benefitted from several improvements this summer: Rain Gardens The rain gardens on the George Watts school playground protect downhill areas of the neighborhood, including Ellerbe Creek, by preventing

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