Plant a Tree!

By Shelley Dekker

I have been researching the history of city tree planting in Durham and found a lovely opinion piece in a Durham newspaper from 1888 that called on city authorities “to devote a certain sum of money each fall to setting out shade trees on our streets.”  

It continues, “In the course of a few years, we would have well shaded streets, instead of the hot, sunny thoroughfares we now have.  This ought to be done by all means.  It would add to the beauty of the city and to the comfort and pleasure of the citizens. Think about it, gentlemen, and see if you cannot do something in this direction for the benefit of the city.”  

Well said!  

And now, Trinity Park citizens, we call on you to help continue the City’s tree planting efforts.  With so many of the mature willow oaks that shade our sidewalks and streets being removed every year, it is imperative that we continue to plant new trees in their places.  The best way to ensure new trees take the place of old ones or to add additional trees to our canopy is to request one from the City.

Simply google “Durham Urban Forestry” to get to the City’s Urban Forestry page, then click on the link for the TREE REQUEST FORM.  This is a quick and simple form for requesting a tree to be planted  in the right-of-way in front of or beside your house or apartment.  Tree planting takes place in the fall and winter, so it may not be until late 2023 or early 2024 that your request is fulfilled.  But you have an empty spot, the City should fill it.
In addition to City tree planting efforts in the rights-of-way, the Trinity Park Foundation will soon be offering tree planting matching grants to neighbors who would like to plant new shade trees in their front yards.  More information will soon be available at  Stay tuned.

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