Canker Worm Control

The War on Cankerworms will continue!

Late fall is the time to band your trees to prevent cankerworm infestation in the Spring.

An excellent overview of how to battle this pest can be found here, along with detailed instructions on why and how to band your trees. To make you own small kit, click here, and for large kit instructions click here. Many of the necessary materials can be found at Home Depot or Lowe’s. And Stone Bros and Byrd will be happy to order a supply of Tanglefoot for purchase in small and large tubs.

The most important thing you can do NOW is to organize your block to join with you to band as many trees as possible in late November. The more trees that are banded in a given geographic area, the less chance those mommy moths have of laying their eggs in our willow oaks and other trees. And that means that our trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables will be protected from the voracious cankerworm offspring.

For more information about setting up a group volunteer event, or with your workplace please visit

Check back here regularly for more info and tips. May the cankerworm population be reduced to nothing in the coming year!