Calm Down! TPNA working to slow traffic on Duke and Gregson

By Mollie Flowe

Traffic flow is slower on two-way streets than on one-way streets, and crashes are less frequent and less severe when they do happen. Traffic calming on Duke and Gregson Streets has been a part of the City’s plan for some time. Most recently, in October 2020, City Council adopted the Move Durham Plan, which calls for restoring two-way traffic on Duke and Gregson, as well as Mangum, Roxboro, and the Downtown Loop.

The TPNA Traffic Committee continues to meet regularly, with the goal of pushing for slower speeds and improved safety for pedestrians, bikers, transit riders, and drivers on Duke and Gregson. We are working on crafting a set of talking points to aid in discussing the issue with City Council members, to push them to make good on the promises in the Move Durham Plan. We are also interested in collaborating with other neighborhoods with similar issues on NCDOT-maintained roads. 

Advocacy, Environment, Health and safety, Traffic