Meet My Neighbor: Cathy Carinder

Interviewed by Charlie Flowe

Name and family members: Cathy, Jude (husband), Abby (daughter), Lizzie (daughter),and Mac (dog)

Occupation: Upper Elementary teacher at George Watts

Address: 1411 N. Duke St.

Why did you move to TP?  I grew up here, then after I got married, we moved back because it was close to George Watts. I started teaching there in 1982! I’m proud that the school is my home away from home. I graduated from there in ‘69, and my daughter Abby was class of 2001 and Lizzie 2002.

The thing that surprised me most about TP is…There is so much variation in housing styles

If I could improve one thing about TP, it would be…I wish there were more affordable housing options.

Personal interest