Meet Your Neighbors: Eddie Zuniga and Orlando Aguilar

Interviewed by Steve Unruhe

Names: Heriberto Eddie Zuniga (He/Him) and his spouse Orlando Aguilar (He/Him) are the proud owners of H2O Hair Salon and Spa, which is situated at 1122 Broad St in Durham, North Carolina 27705. Interestingly, the name of their salon company  is derived from their initials – H for Heriberto, O for Orlando, and 2 for the two of them. It’s a clever little secret that not many people are aware of!

Address: Their beautiful home is located on Gloria Ave.

Occupation(s): Eddie serves as a hairstylist and is responsible for their salon company’s management, while Orlando works as a nail technician and is the co-owner of the salon company.

Why did you move to Trinity Park? Our love for the history and charm of Trinity Park led us to create a home that embodied the beauty of Charleston SC homes. After three years of hard work, we finally made our dream a reality. Now, we cherish our beautiful abode and the community that surrounds us.

What surprised you about Trinity Park? It was heartwarming to hear that every person we spoke to expressed their admiration for our neighborhood. With its distinctive homes, each with its own charm and unique character, it’s no surprise that our neighborhood is loved by all who visit.

The one thing I like best about Trinity Park? It’s amazing to see how close our community is to downtown Durham and Duke’s east campus.

If I could improve one thing about Trinity Park it would be … It would be wonderful if we could all be a bit more friendly towards one another. Perhaps, we could come together once a year and celebrate our unity by closing down a street for a block party or gathering at the park.

It would be great to see more neighbors take pride in their homes and gardens to enhance the curb appeal of our community.

Thank you for sharing your amazing garden for the Garden Tour. Tell us what kind of time, energy and attention you give to the beautification of your yard. I find gardening to be a relaxing activity that helps me unwind from a busy day. It’s a great stress reliever to focus all my energy and attention on nurturing nature and watching beautiful flowers bloom. As beekeepers, we strive to do our part in helping the bee population thrive by cultivating a beautiful garden. It’s a fulfilling cycle because the bees’ gift to us is their delicious honey, which we enjoy consuming.

We express our utmost gratitude to Mr. Steve Unruhe and the Trinity Park neighborhood Association for providing us with this exceptional opportunity.

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