Recycle or Landfill?

Sometimes rumors spread about recycling that can make you wonder if recycling actually “works.”  TP neighbor Matt Todd, Senior Consultant with Resource Recycling Systems (RRS,, has worked in recycling for 25+ years, and assures us that recycling is as important and effective as ever.  “Over the past year, the value of recycled plastic was the highest it’s ever been. Durham has a great local processor for all our curbside recycling.  And here in the southeast, there are plentiful regional end markets for all our recovered curbside materials. Your recycling – especially your paper, metal, and plastics – is needed, it’s wanted, and it’s responsibly managed.”

Next time you’re wondering how to dispose of a particular item (recycle? landfill?), check out Durham’s “Waste Wizard,” an easy-to-use tool for answering disposal questions: