Congratulations, Graduates of 2023!

All the 5th grade graduates of George Watts: Alice, Andwele, August, Axel, Britney, Brooklyn, Bryn, Charlie, Christian, Clara, Danny, Eliza Grace, Ella, Elli, Elliott W., Ethan, Evie, Francisco, Grayson, Ishan, Israel, James, Jeep, Jojo, Jon, Jorge, Joselyn, Lia, Lowry, Lucien, Lucy, Meredith, Naomi, Patrick D., Patrick H., Roscoe, Rowan, Ruby, Sa’Miah, Saibh, Seve, Sibu, Stell, Vera: Congratulations from the teachers and staff!

Abby Fish, Jordan High School: Yachts of love and congratulations! – Grandparents Peter & Barbara Fish

Ada Bridgers, Riverside High School: Congratulations!  Off to UNC Chapel Hill in the fall!

Alice Heery, George Watts Montessori: So proud of you, Boo!

Alon Greyber, NC State University (BS Computer Science and BA English): Mazal tov, Alon… we are so excited for what lies ahead for you!

Annabel Swansey, Camelot Academy: We are so proud of you!

Claire Morris-Benedict, Bryn Mawr College: What an accomplishment, Claire! We’re beaming with pride.

Clara Molinaro, George Watts: Congratulations, we are very proud of you! – Mom, Grandma and Papa

Clarabelle Brown, Riverside High School: You have what you need to go be all you were meant to be! Love, Dad, Mom, Izzi & Annabelle

Eden Richman, Riverside High School: We’re so proud of you!

Edwin “James” Allen, Duke University, Bio (philosophy): Yay James!!

Eleanor Abadie, George Watts Montessori: Congratulations Eleanor! We are so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Isabelle & Catherine

Eliza Porter, Lakewood Montessori Middle School: We’re so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad & Cyrus

Emerson Jakes, Earlham College (BS Chemistry): You Did It!  We’re so proud of you!

Eve Smokoski, George Watts Elementary: Way to go!! Congratulations! Love Mom, Dad, Liddy, & Miriam

Harris Hodder Allen, Harvard College, Bio (global health): Way to go Harris!

Ian Wilkinson Conway, U Penn (ROTC scholarship as a marine): Way to go! – Grandmother Nancy May

Isabel Goll Young, Goucher College: Mazel Tov Izzy. We’re so proud of you!

Jack Williamson, Durham School of the Arts: We love you, Jack! 

Libby Flowe, Riverside High School: Congratulations!  

Lila Goldstein, Lakewood Montessori Middle School: Starting at Riverside High School in the fall. We are so proud of you!

Luci Jones, Brown University: Love you to the moon! Mom & Dad

Maya Gergen, Proctor Academy: Heading to Appalachian State to study environmental sustainability and design

Meg Alcazar, NCCU School of Library Science: Summa cum laude, Courage & Inspiration award.  Congratulations, Meg!

Megan Healey, Durham School of the Arts: Good luck! We love you!  

Naomi Goldstein, George Watts Montessori: Off to Lakewood Middle in the fall. We are so proud of you!

Phoebe Todd, Riverside High School: We’re so proud of you and so excited for your next big adventure!

Piper Leypoldt, Lakewood Montessori Middle School: On to Riverside (STEM). You rock, Piper, and we are so proud of you! – Mom & Lex

Ruby Barron, Brogden Middle School: Onward and upward!

Samantha Sklar May, LaGuardia High School (music, art and performing arts): So proud! – Grandmother Nancy May

Shannon McGroddy Murphy, Riverside High School: We are so proud of you as you start your next chapter at Warren Wilson College!

Sigrid JensenOyaski, Univ. of Georgia College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences: Super proud of you and your love of the “meat lab”!! – David & Maria (Aka dad & mom)

Sophia Ganter, Riverside High School: Congratulations on graduating summa cum laude, Sophie!

Tullia Eisner, Kindergarten at George Watts Montessori: We are so proud of you! We are scared now that you can read! – Martin, Saskia, & Nola

Vann Fugikawa, Riverside High School: Attending Appalachian State in the fall.  Vann, we’re so proud of the person you’ve become — and can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead.

Vera Goldstein, George Watts Montessori: Off to Lakewood Middle in the fall. We are so proud of you!

Vibeka JensenOyaski, Riverside High School: Wear those cords Summa Cum Laude; watch out VA Tech!! – David & Maria (Aka dad & mom)

Vivi Wilson: Congratulations for graduating 8th grade!! Moving in to high school!! We are so impressed by the adult you are becoming!

Xiomara Colopy, Durham School of the Arts: We’re so proud of you!  Love, Mom, Dad, Ximena, Xalvador, Xaviera, Lucy, & Fishbait

Zachary McCarthy, Duke University (Math/Physics double major): We could not be prouder of you, for this and for everything that you are! You are wonderful!