TPNA Annual Meeting

The TPNA Annual Meeting is on Sunday, April 19th at 2:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at George Watts Montessori School in the Media Center. Entrance is up the ramp on the left front of the building. We hope that you can join us. Your participation in our Annual and Monthly meetings is very important. Please plan to attend. To vote on the proposed slate requires that you be a current member of the Trinity Park Neighborhood Association.

There will be a presentation and discussion with Chris Dreps, executive director of Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association and Peter Raabe, NC conservation director of American Rivers.

Other business will include reports from our TPNA Board committees. An amendment to the bylaws will be presented to change the executive committee terms of office from one-year to two-year terms. A new slate of nominees will be presented to the membership and voting will take place on the new board members and executives. Nominations from the floor are allowed. To conclude the meeting, suggestions for the TPNA focus and goals in the coming year will be encouraged. We appreciate your sharing your Sunday afternoon and endeavor to keep the meeting as brief as possible. We look forward to seeing you there. Below is our proposed slate to be voted on.

TPNA Nominating Committee Slate of Officers and Board Members

President: Don Ball*
Vice President: Marc Phillips*
Treasurer: Janene Tompkins*
Secretary: Deb Dobbins*
Past President: Jody White

Class of 2016
Derek Jones* Pam Swinney Elizabeth Parish

Class of 2017
Paul Stinson Jennifer Valentyn Steve Falzarano

Class of 2018
Kevin Davis* Joan Austin* Ted Snyderman*

Asterisks denote members to be voted upon