Local Business Spotlight: freelightphoto

Did you know that there is a photographer who lives around the corner from you, who has an indoor and outdoor photography studio? Can (pronounced like “Jon”) Dickerson is a portrait photographer who calls Trinity Park her residence and place of business. She runs freelightphoto from her home studio and also enjoys capturing images of the neighborhood.

Can took a moment to share her passion for photography and Trinity Park.

What 3 things would you like Trinity Park residents to know about freelightphoto?

I specialize in portrait photography. My business of photography is all about families, children, grandparents, teenagers, friends, singles, and couples. I welcome everyone from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, beliefs and lifestyles. I bring you my 25 years of love, experience, and knowledge for photography.

I like both traditional and contemporary styles of photography, and I love using natural and studio light. My studio in Trinity Park, has all the necessary and professional equipment to accommodate different styles, and customers with different photography needs.

Customized  and timely service are two main principles of my photography services. Every service I offer is customizable to accommodate client needs. Waiting time for final edited images in not more than 24 hours.  

Why did you choose Trinity Park to open your business?

My family and I moved to Trinity Park a few years ago. We wanted to be in a neighborhood where people say “hi” to each other on the street when their paths cross, where there is a story behind every street, where there are more trees than buildings. I personally wanted to live somewhere where I will be inspired by its beauty, history, and uniqueness. That is why Trinity Park, and our house at North Gregson Street, led me to use the part of our basement and our back yard for my photography business.

What has been the biggest surprise or unexpected result since you opened for business?

Since I moved my business to Trinity Park, I have received nothing but positive feedback about how beautiful my location is and they are very pleased to have their sessions here.

Do have any exciting plans or changes for your business in the near future?

In the near future, I plan to add art/photography classes for hobby photographers who are willing to switch the auto mode on their camera to manual mode.

Any additional comments?

Give me a call, check out my website, instagram page, drop me a line, let me know when you want to have a family photo shoot, or need to update your professional image, or have an event where you want professional quality images, alongside those taken by your guests’ phones…

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Instagram: candickerson


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