Salon Series Comes to an End with Free Concert in the Park on July 9

By Karalyn Colopy

For more than a decade, Trinity Park has enjoyed the special privilege of being home to the Salon Series: an annual program of house concerts featuring chamber music for the cello, organized by neighbor and professional cellist Marc Moskovitz, performed by Marc and colleagues. 

The first Salon Series concert was held at the King’s Daughters’ Inn in 2011. Marc notes, “Chamber music was by its very nature intended for an intimate setting. Though perhaps programs featuring Mozart and Haydn (both of whom preferentially played viola within chamber music settings) were presented in the ballrooms of the aristocracy, the fashion was eventually pursued by the rising middle class who desired music in their own homes, and who also had expendable wealth to be able to afford keyboards, lessons, etc.” 

Since 2011, Salon Series concerts have been held in numerous Trinity Park living rooms.  Marc says, “I can think of no better place to play such a program, and I’m indebted to our TP neighbors for having graciously opened up their homes to us for so many years.”

Alas, all good things must come to an end! Marc has announced that this year will mark the end of the Salon Series. The pandemic is largely to blame. Marc explains, “Covid did a real number on everyone and everything, including house concerts. In the meantime I’ve simply become too busy to be able to play, much less plan such concerts every year. I’m not averse to giving an occasional house concert now and then, but I simply can no longer devote the time such an endeavor requires.”

To say thanks for being such a devoted neighborhood, Marc is planning one final show with other cellists from the NC Symphony, long-time collaborators together known as Cello Fourum.  The show will be Sunday, July 9 at 7 pm, outdoors at Trinity Park. Bring a blanket or chairs and picnic and come enjoy the free show, which will feature a variety of classical and pop tunes.  

“I’m thrilled that my fantastic NC Symphony colleagues, among the best cellists you’ll hear anywhere, will be able to join me for our final program!” Marc says.

Thank you, Marc, for enriching us with your music!

Cellists Nathaniel Yaffe, Marc Moskovitz, David Meyer and Peng Li of Cello Fourum
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