Trinity Park Call for Artists/Sign Makers

The Trinity Park Wooden SignAs some of you have no doubt noticed, the wooden sign on the corner of Watts and Trinity for The Trinity Park ‘went missing’ earlier this year. In some ways it’s remarkable that the sign has stood for so many years without being vandalized or stolen- we believe it has been at the Park since the 1980’s.

The existing sign post is in disrepair, and may benefit from being replaced, and we have procured estimates to replace the sign. As this is a significant expense, the art committee of The Trinity Park Foundation is interested to open the design process by seeking input from artists to possibly replace the sign with something either historical, whimsical, or simply beautiful.

An RFQ (request for qualifications) has been created to solicit proposals with an application deadline of June 30, 2019. Submissions will be reviewed by the art committee and a decision will be made whether to simply restore the old sign or support a local artist to create a new one.

Additional information may be found on the RFQ, or questions may be posed to me at The ultimate goal is for a replacement sign to be in place by this autumn.

View the Request for Qualifications

– Don Ball, president, The Trinity Park Foundation, Inc.

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