Free N95 Masks

Free N95 Masks

Come and get ‘em! High quality, Honeywell N95 masks with head straps. Pick-up locations:

705 Watts St (home of Jo Darby)

Little Free Library at 1010 Knox St

Little Free Library at 410 Watts St

Little Free Library at 824 N Buchanan Blvd.

In mid-February ’22, the Trinity Park Neighborhood Association received 1,800 of these masks from the NC Dept of Health and Human Services to pass on to the community. Many other neighborhoods and organizations have also been given their own supplies. So please take some (recommend 2 per person in your household)! TPNA has already given out more than half, including a few hundred delivered door-to-door at several apartment complexes thanks to Tiffany Florestal. Questions? Contact Jo Darby,

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