Introducing Plein Air Durham Arts Festival, Seeking Neighbor Support

The inaugural “Plein Air Durham Arts Festival” will happen next spring, the weekend of April 29, 2022 at the Golden Belt Campus.  During the three-day festival, 18+ artists from the Triangle and beyond will paint scenes within Durham County from direct observation (without the use of photographic references), culminating in a “wet paint” sale and awards ceremony.  In addition, there will be a timed “paint-off” on Sunday May 1, where participants create paintings within a 4-hour period, which are then judged, and awards are given.  The paint-off will be open to artists of all ages.  All artwork created during the event will be available for purchase by the public.

Plein air festivals have become hugely popular throughout the United States in recent years.  They have the potential to bring in participants and supporters of the arts from far and wide. They are a boon to local businesses as well as an important way for plein air painters to gain recognition and make some sales.  

In an effort to encourage more out-of-town artists to participate, we would like to be able to offer some of our non-local artists the option of staying with locals.  We are looking for neighbors who are willing to offer lodging for the duration of the festival, which would most likely be Friday and Saturday nights, April 29 and 30.  If you are willing to host an out-of-town artist and would like to learn more about the festival and what hosting would entail, please email James Keul at

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