Meet Your Neighbor: Peggy Kinney

Interviewed by Jane Brown

Name and Family Members:Peggy Kinney. I live with my husband, Anndy Stewart, and our dog, Luna

Address: I live on the 1400 block of Dollar Avenue on the north side of the neighborhood

Occupation: I am retired but spent many years serving as a hospice social worker in Durham

Why did you move to Trinity Park? We moved here to live in a more walkable neighborhood. Now I have mobility issues, but can still enjoy the beauty and community of the neighborhood on my electric trike!

What surprised you about Trinity Park? I was not surprised, but I was delighted to meet so many interesting people here.

If you could improve one thing about Trinity Park, what would it be? What’s not to love about this neighborhood?!; though it would be great to have another garden tour. There are some amazing gardens and gardeners here.

Personal interest